Sunday, March 15, 2009


Picture of Dad and Velma that I wanted to share with you!

Mindy (my niece) and Marcel, her hubby came to see us this weekend. Mindy and Marcel have an awesome scanner. It can scan six to eight photos or slides at a time and then it will save them individually. She spent all day scanning photos and my home and at dad's.

Dick and I were looking at some of our old slides after they left and they are fading fast. He ordered a scanner like theirs for me for my birthday so we can process photos of our immediate family and share them with our children too. It is a time consuming project but so worthwhile. Some of these old slides are the only photos we have of us when we were newly married and of some of our older children when they were small.

Lona, my sister, and Marcel, Mindy's husband, are looking at old photos and reading some of mom's journals and diaries. So many precious memories. It is so easy to forget events of the past and a good reminder that no one views life as you do. Thoughts and feelings and expressions of love are wonderful to read by later generations. It allows us to get to know them better and feel closer to them. Write your own personal history. It will mean so much to your children.

Mindy Guiterez and her husband, Marcel, and my sister Lona and I spent all day Saturday together. Mindy faithfully scanned one old photo after another. Some of the older pictures are fading and needed to be preserved in a digital format fast. Digital photos are much easier to share with other family members and allow us to store them in more than one place in case of hard drive failure, fire, water damage, acid damage from old photo scrapbooks. Even some of the faded pictures are valuable when they are the only ones that exist.


Happy Birthday Alyssa!

This is a picture of Alyssa and her little sister, Brea, on Alyssa's birthday.